Create Joy Project

Laura & Carrie

Laura & Carrie

Hello Friends!!

Welcome to Create Joy Project, a Stationery & Lifestyle Brand helping to bring more art-filled joy to your day!


Sisters Laura Muir (Artist) & Carrie Capozzoli (Designer) came together with a common passion for art & creativity. We put our passions to action in creating art-centric stationery & coloring pages that are filled with positive vibes and an adventurous spirit. It makes us so happy to have created something that fits into every budget, but that is beautiful and masterfully created with care. We have designed our products to be so glorious, that each coloring page completed will surely don every refrigerator front & center, and every greeting card will hurt just a little to give away. 

Be sure to follow Laura Muir’s Fine art at to see the source of our fine art inspiration!


We can’t wait to share these exciting new products with you! Have a fabulous day!



Laura & Carrie